2019-2020 Classroom


30 hr classroom temporary locations and times.

Aitkin High School

Oct 28-31 Nov 1,4-6,11,12, 3:30-6:35

Feb 24-28, March 2-6, 3:30-6:35 

June 8-19, 8:00-11:05am. Room 134

Barnum High School

Sept 16-20, 25-27,30,Oct 1,3:45-6:50 room A1

January 6-17, 3:45-6:50 room A1

July 6-17, 12:30-3:30 Room A1


Sept 23-Oct 4, 3:30pm-6:35pm

Nov. 11-22, 3:30-6:35pm

Jan. 13-17,20-24,27, 3:30-6:35,pm

March 23-31, April 1-3,  3:30-6:35pm

May 4-15, 3:30-6:35pm

June 8-19, 12-3:05pm

June 8-19, 3:30-6:35pm

July 20-31, 8:30-11:30am

July 20-31, 12:00pm-3:05pm

Classroom location,1014 Laurel St. Suite 101 Brainerd

Cromwell/Wright High School

July 6-17, 8:30-11:35

Crosby/Ironton High School

Oct 28-31,Nov 1,4-8,  2:50-5:55,  

March 2-13, 2:50-5:55

July 6-17, 8:00-11:05am. Room 308

Isle High School

Oct 28-31,Nov 1, 4-8,  3:15-6:20,

Room 260 (shop classroom)

Moose Lake High School

March 9-20  3:45-6:50 

June 8-19, 12:30-3:35pm Room 127


Note: We need at least 15 students to have a class. All Classes are weekday. No Sat. or Sun.


Cost of Classroom Instruction

$100.00 for 30hr of Classroom

Checks can be made to MLDI

Cost for Behind-the-Wheel

$260.00 for 6 hr of Behind-the-Wheel (if you did classroom with us)

Brainerd location $240.00

Home School (BTW only) $260.00

$50.00 per hr. (18 or older BTW)

Pay Per Lesson

Payments for Behind-the-Wheel can be paid half on the first day and half on the last day

6hr Behind-the-Wheel

students need 3-two hr sessions of BTW

we pick up at the High School or other locations

Car Rental

If you need a car to take your Driving test

you can rent one of our cars subject to times and avalability

cost is $25.00-$40.00 depending on location

Want To Schedule Your First Lesson?
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